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Does your accountant also advise you?


I was recently reading a post by someone I follow on LinkedIn. They were discussing the difference between being an accounting firm and an advising firm. It used to be back in the day that firms were one or the other, but not both. Accountants are starting to bridge that gap and offering advising services to their

clients in addition to proving just the raw numbers for their books. Many of the comments mentioned how difficult advising business owners is because it's based off of the advisors experience in the business world. The hardest part about advising is there are not many one size fits all answers. Sometimes, time and research are needed to determine what's the best route for your business to take.


Did you know that we offer more than just bookkeeping services? Don't get me wrong, we love to help you with your accounting and making sure your books are correct! We also love helping you navigate other areas of your business as well. Do you need to go over an upcoming business decision with someone who understands business? Do you need someone to do the research for you so you can spend your time doing what you love? Do you want someone to review your processes to see if they can identify efficiencies in your business? Give us a call or email us and see how we can partner with you for the next step in your business! If we're not the right people for the job, we will refer to you someone who we believe is.

We look forward to serving you!

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